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How to make a TV Aquarium by yourself?

Following are one technique of TV recycling, you can follow step by step of TV recycling: * Remove all the casing and take the back off the television set carefully. * Remove the television tube (tube sticking out of the back of the screen) very carefully. Remember that do not make it break. * Measure the size of a tank. It should to be slightly wider and taller than the screen. * You can use an underwater scene stick at the back of a tank as a background. * Insert a tank into the back of the TV. * Cut off the top of the TV to be a rectangle, use this as a feeding your fish. * You can put an aquarium light over the room. However, make sure that you leave enough room for the reflector/light (about 6 cm). And also you can use the original knobs to control the lights if you can. * Fill a tank up with water slowly, to verify that your supports will hold. * Then, it a time for your fish.

Tips & Facts for TV Recycling & Disposal

Old TV recycling to become a lovely house decoration. PART 2

There are 2 options for anyone who owns a convex screen or retro old TV which is broken, no picture, and doesn’t work anymore. Option 1, selling it to an antiques dealer with a small price. Option 2, keeping somewhere in the house, however, it just make you room more messy. If really love it […]

Old TV recycling to become a lovely house decoration. PART 1

Television is electric equipment that has been used in every house. Now it has been replacing by a digital TV that give you better screen with clear image, light weight, and easy to move. This article is a good way for old and broken TV because when you buy a new and you don’t want […]

How to Dispose Your Old or Used TV Properly

· Donate your old/used TVs to a friend or relative or check to see if local community centers, churches, or nursing homes if your TV is still working. · Sell your TV set, if them works well and in good condition. · Recycle your old/used TV because toxic materials inside TV such as lead and […]

How to Recycle CRT TVs?

· Find out TV recycling programs that accept CRT TVs in your town. Most of communities provide this option but not all of them do this. If you determine to recycle your old CRT TVs, bring your old CRT TVs to recycling center or leave it curbside for collection. · Search for CRT TV recycling […]

How Recycle Your Plasma TVs?

With new technology of TVs are always improved, the amount of electronic wastes are increasing rapidly. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a few amounts of discarded televisions are recycled in USA. Most of them end up in the landfill that is course of environment pollution when toxins leach into the land, river, etc. […]